belong is a song that i wrote in the winter that followed Barbara’s death, sometime in december. i used to write songs when i was a teenager but kind of put it on hold until recently. i just didn’t have anything to say, i guess.

i want to include it here because it seems fitting. it takes a lot of energy for me to sing it. i’ve been lucky to have done so on a few occasions. it never would have been born, the song, that is, had Barbara not died. so there’s that.

the lyrics are as follows:

”through the darkness I flew

through the red, black and blue

when an outline I see of a girl I once knew

with her gold, flaxen hair and her hazelnut stare

she invites me around for a visit up there

now I know I can’t stay that it’s just for this day

that we all must be where we belong …

in the darkness I find an eternal divide

where the strong kill the weak, where the world is unkind

and when most cannot care that this life is unfair

I still seek for the love that I know lies out there

so I charge for the light

it takes all of my might just to keep myself where I belong

when darkness surrounds you and grief tries to drown you

move through it, life will go on

in the darkness I see there’s a life-giving tree

that forever will bind me to you, you to me

now I know I must be strong for the road ahead’s still long

so ’till I see you again I’ll just leave you this song”

here’s the link to the song: