Lisa – La Sonnambula
Valentina appears as Lisa in a Hugo de Ana production of ‘La Sonnambula’, a bel canto opera by Vincenzo Bellini. Lisa is the villain in this story, jealous and angry at the world around her. When given an opportunity, she accuses Amina, the heroine, of infidelity, thus snatching away her fiancée Elvino. However, her own infidelity comes to light and Lisa is shunned by the entire village, leaving her to bathe in her anger alone. 

Musetta – La Boheme
La Boheme tells the story of a group of artist friends dealing with the double-edged sword of life as a ‘starving artist’ in 19th century Paris.

Eliza Doolittle – My Fair Lady
Valentina appears as Eliza Doolittle in SNG Maribor’s production of My Fair Lady, a well-known story about how an uneducated but smart girl, living on the streets of London, becomes a lady in the sophisticated, upper-class world of English society. The show was directed by Paul-Emile Fourny.
Photos courtesy of SNG Maribor.

Amore – The Coronation of Poppea
Valentina sings Amore, the god of love, who directs all the events occurring on stage, as was the vision of director Krešimir Dolenčič. Amore might be young and small but he is the most powerful god and proves in the end that love always wins.

Berta – The Barber of Seville
Valentina sings the role of Berta, a grumpy old housekeeper in SNG Maribor’s production of Il Barbiere di Siviglia, directed by Pier Francesco Maestrini.

Nella – Gianni Schicchi

Second Lady – The Magic Flute

Giannetta – L’Elisir d’amore

High Priestess – Aida
Valentina sings the High Priestess who in the opera holds a spiritual ritual where she invokes the great god Phta and blesses Radames’ journey into battle.

Frasquita – Carmen
Valentina sings the gypsy girl Frasquita who, like Carmen, lives a typical life of gypsy full of music, dance, drink, love, the occasional illicit business, and, most importantly, freedom.

V temi

‘Serafine’ (Seraphim) is a vocal group from Slovenia consisting of Valentina Čuden, Mojca Potrč and Dada Kladenik. All three members are also singers with SNG Maribor opera house. Their repertoire is a variety of popular music, arranged by the trio itself, with Valentina Čuden at the piano.



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